About Patrick Keppel

Vermont-based Short Story Writer, Novelist & Playwright

“really good…though quite different”*

Patrick is the Chair of the Liberal Arts department at New England Conservatory in Boston. He is currently on sabbatical from the NEC to work on his short play Triangle and to seek publication for his recently completed novel, The Loving Frotteur, and his collection of short stories, The Monologist.

Stories from The Monologist have appeared in The Literary Review, The Berkeley Fiction Review, Tamaqua, and the entire collection is featured on the web journal Web del Sol. In 2004 his story “A Vectorial History of Leroy Pippin” was read by Eli Wallach at Symphony Space in New York as part of NPR’s Selected Shorts program. His plays have been presented at The Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, The Huntington Theatre’s Studio 210, the Boston University School for the Arts, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. In 2008 he presented his play Triangle about the 1911 Triangle shirtwaist factory fire and lectured on “Form and Content in ‘Activist’ Theatre” at the annual conference of the Association for Humanist Sociology in Boston.  The Freeing of Mollie Steimer and Triangle were recently archived by the Kheel Center for Labor Management at Cornell University.  He is currently working on a puppet opera version of Triangle, with seed grant funding from the Henson Foundation, as part of a New York City artistic commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

At the NEC he has developed a two-semester course of actor training in improvisation and scene development for new actors, the NEC Drama Workshop, and has guided Workshop productions of Ferdinand Bruckner’s Pains of Youth. Neal Bell’s Therese Raquin, and Sam Shepard’s Buried Child.

*from a review of Patrick’s short story “A Vectorial History of Leroy Pippin”


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