Puppet Play with music  (info)


March 24, 25, 26th Starting at 8pm

Center for Performance Research in Williamsburg Brooklyn (off the Graham L stop)


361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1

Brooklyn, NY 11211

On March 25th, 100 years will have past since a fire ripped through the Triangle Waist Factory in the heart of New York City, killing 146 workers, mostly young immigrant women.

March 24th, 25th and 26th at 8pm, at C.P.R . Anti-Social Music + Open Ink Productions will add to the many events around the city commemorating the fire with the world premiere of our theater piece Triangle , a unique collaboration of musicians, actors, and puppeteers. Join the Facebook event

In the libretto, the forewoman Joan tells three younger seamstresses her story of the Triangle workers’ strike and of her survival of the subsequent fire. At the same time, the former owner of the Triangle factory, Blanck, presents his own version of the strike and fire, teetering among feelings of anger, grief, guilt, and eager complacency. Together they dramatize the psychological difficulty of maintaining ideals, or even of expressing one’s basic humanity, within a framework of social injustice.

What makes Triangle so engaging is that the play doesn’t simply dramatize the story of the fire itself. Rather, since the play is set seven years after the fire, the play is really about the present. Somewhere these women are still trapped—just as they were in Bangladeshi in December 2010, where a similar fire broke-out in a factory that produces clothes primarily for American brands including Gap and JC Penney: 28 people were killed, and 100’s injured, because once again, the doors were locked. As unions struggle to remain a vital part of the socio-economic balance in the US, workers across the globe continue to experience the main themes of Triangle. How do we understand the system that continues to allow and even encourage such practices as happened at Triangle and in Bangladeshi? To what extent are factory owners also trapped by the system?

The puppeteers, musicians, and vocalists in the Triangle ensemble have created the piece using an improvisational technique, so that the music and puppetry do not follow the text literally but rather respond to its more subtle thematic and metaphorical elements. As a result, the text, vocalized sprechstimme (“spoken voice”) style, rests on dense, dream-like layers of soundscape and puppetry. You can read more about the play at our production blog: .

We are now in our final swings of production. We would love to see you at the performances. If you are not in NYC, there are still ways you can help and contribute. We are attempting to raise $1500 in the next month that will go directly to our phenomenal cast who have really shaped this work. You can read more and decide to give at

We will be performing a very special workshop performance at the Henson Carriage House this Friday at 7pm. It is free, and a reception will follow along with a question/answer. There are only 60 spots and, although free, reservations are required. You may get you spot here.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

Donate to the production


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