The Monologist

The Monologist

A collection of stories and a novella

by Patrick Keppel

A Knock at Midnight
In the Basement of the Psychoanalysis Museum
The Monologist (novella)
The Secret
Tulunasia Park
A Vectorial History of Leroy Pippin

The Monologist centers around the fragility of the self-images we construct for ourselves.  In each of the stories, the apparently permanent structures that define the central characters’ lives are challenged or shattered, bringing to the surface a tangle of psychological and social tensions.  Although their familiar identities no longer provide a safe retreat, characters either find themselves clinging to these old fictions (or to disguised versions of them), and so remain trapped in a kind of delusory underworld, a hall of mirrors; or else they find that this slippage has awakened in them the capacity of the imagination to reinvent the self, to conceive and see their way into new stories of their own making.

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